With age, your piano may lose its strength and flexibility, in which case it will require certain adjustments and repairs. At Raybould Piano, we are proud of the special technique we have developed over the past 25 years, which allows us to accurately target the problems in your piano. In most cases, the repairs or adjustments are minor. Rest assured that at Raybould Piano, we will do everything possible to satisfy your needs, and for this reason, our personal mandate is to obtain the best possible results with the least amount of work. You can trust our expertise for this.


Moreover, in order to avoid problems that may result in unexpected expenses, we recommend you service your piano regularly. In piano terminology, this servicing is often called “regulation.” In fact, the mechanism of your piano requires periodic adjustments to compensate for wear, compacting of the felts, and changes to the wood parts caused by changes to the moisture content in the air. A well-adjusted mechanism can avoid problems such as notes that stick, hammers that double-strike or get blocked between strings, strange or unpleasant sounds or noises, etc. Indeed, the mechanism of the piano is the extension of your fingers, which allows you to activate the hammers in order to strike the strings and make them vibrate. This mechanism is very complex, and the frequency at which it should be adjusted depends on the how the piano is used, the quality and age of the instrument, and the conditions in which the piano is placed.


At Raybould Piano, we are able to accurately evaluate your piano and, depending on your needs, offer different types of regulation. To give you an idea, a complete regulation carried out by one of our technicians includes:

- All necessary adjustments- Tightening of all screws- Alignment of the hammers- Cleaning and lubrication of the action- Reshaping or repairing of the hammers, if necessary-Replacement or repairing of defective or broken parts- Key levelling- Adjustment or repairing of the pedals- And much more, if necessary
In addition, at Raybould Piano we are concerned about the finish of your piano. For this reason, when we carry out a complete regulation, we do any minor repairs to the exterior finish of your piano free of charge. Remember that a piano is a magnificent family heirloom. In order for future generations to fully enjoy their instrument, it is very important to start taking care of it now. For more information, communicate with the team at Raybould Piano—we will be pleased to serve you.